Friday, October 24, 2008

"Let's Talk Books," Saturday Night Live

Oh, we all love some dirty puns, you have to admit it. Here, we have several literary experts discussing authors and their books…courtesy of Saturday Night Live:

Professor Carl Lenz: What?

Kevin Henchey: You're referring to The Tiger's Revenge, by Claude Balls. An excellent writer on par with Dick Gosinia, or the Greek writer, Harry Paratesties.

Karen Holsbrook: Paratesties is certainly on par with Balls or Cox. Absolutely. Now, I read a scathing indictment of drugs and professional sports, called Under the Bleachers, by Seymour Butz.

Kevin Henchey: Exactly. I think it's really non-fiction like this that we need to be looking at. I taught a seminar at Duke University, where we read Richard Sawyer and Alan Bush's fascinating study of voyeurism..

Karen Holsbrook: Mmm hmm. The Sawyer-Bush Report.

Kevin Henchey: Yes. Yes. And, from there, we segue-wayed into an interesting report on the Stonewall Riots, authored by Harrison Butz and Randall Dixon.

Moderator: Oh, I love Dixon-Butz.

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