Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Nobel Prize Codenames

Being assigned to the Nobel Prize literature selection committee isn't all stuffy libraries, snifters of brandy, and wingbacked chairs (this isn't the Man Booker prize, you know) — the Nobel process is loaded with cloak-and-dagger sneakiness that is rarely seen outside of a Tom Clancy novel. Contenders for the Nobel Prize in literature are referred to by code names, reducing the likelihood that word will leak out of who is in the running, such as code-naming Harold Pinter as Harry Potter, or Doris Lessing as Little Dorrit. The code-naming process, which no doubt requires supercomputers and a team of old men who speak an ancient dead language, appears to have been cracked: bookies saw a sudden surge in bets on this year's Nobel winner shortly before the results were announced. There seems to be a mole in the system: someone within the Nobel team has been compromised. Be prepared to hear of mysterious 'disappearances' in the literary world as this hole is sealed up: there is no mercy at Nobel. Remember, it isn't the Man Booker.

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