Wednesday, October 01, 2008

Gals vs. Guys Literary T-Shirts

Cult of Gracie (site nsfw!) has discovered that guys like books, but girls like guys. Urban Outfitters has a series of literary-themed t-shirts in guy sizes, but girls get one that twists a children's book title to a slutty comment.

In case you can't read it, that girl's shirt — the only girly one in the series — says "I love wild things". You know the 'wild things' the shapely shirt loves aren't Sendak creatures. Could they not come up with a single book that speaks to women? The men's shirts promote The Great Gatsby, On The Road, and an inexplicably Italian version of Green Eggs and Ham. I mean, at the very least, what stylishly ironic woman wouldn't want a Fabio romance novel cover on their chest? It smacks of sexism, but, I guess I need to remember it's Urban Outfitters. Nobody should expect much in the form of social responsibility from any of the young-person's fashion stores. Another viewpoint from a 'Safe For Work' website.

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