Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Tribbles at the Thrift Shop

While rummaging through thrift shops Saturday, I found a book I'd never seen before but had read a year or so ago: David Gerrold's The Trouble With Tribbles (or, the complete title, The Complete Story of One Of Star Trek's Most Popular Episodes "The Trouble With Tribbles") Gerrold's current publisher, Benbella Books, re-released the book in 2004, but it was originally published as a paperback by Ballantine in 1973. Benbella has also been nice enough to provice a PDF e-book of their edition, for those of who who aren't lucky enough to have a well-stocked thrift shop nearby. The two editions are nearly identical: there's a few illustrations that don't appear in the later edition, and the Ballantine copy I have has 32 black-and-white photo pages in the middle. Most are just promo headshots of the actors and frames from the episode, but there's a couple fun behind-the-scenes shots, such as tribble construction.

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