Thursday, November 08, 2007

Writing On Tribbles (well, not literally...)

No, putting a pen to the surface of a tribble with most likely result in a gummed-up pen and a cranky tribble. David Gerrold was a budding science-fiction author in the 1960s, who managed to get a foot in the door down at a new show...something like Wagon Train in space or something. That show was Star Trek, and the book The Trouble With Tribbles: The Birth, Sale, and Final Production of One Episode chronicles Gerrold's trials and tribbelations (ha!) on the road to creating one of the more endearing episodes of Trek. It's a pretty much the story every budding screenwriter has, but it's got Trek in it, and it's got tribbles, and, well, that's just fuzzy. The whole book is online, so you can read it at your leisure.

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