Thursday, October 11, 2007

Why We Curse: The Power Of Words In Art

The New Republic approached illustrator Ward Schumaker to provide a powerful image to go with a new article called What the F***? Why We Curse. Schumaker proved himself and provided a visually striking, word-based illustration juxtaposing common "safe" words and their unsavory socially-unacceptable versions.

While initially very positive towards the art -- seen over there on the right -- TNR got 'cold feet' and decided against using the art due to the weight of the words on the page. This is even though all the words seen in the artwork were included in the article in some form. Words, on their own, have a certain power -- putting them on paper, in a context, even moreso. But, putting words to paper and adding the emotional weight of art and style in their presentation has a sharp edge people don't recognize until it's right there, in front of them.


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