Monday, November 05, 2007

Babalicious Libraries

The Wyoming State Library, in the interest of bringing attention to the libraries in their state, has produced an award-winning ad campaign. My favorite: The sexy-girl-mudflap image (see ex.), adapted to have the busty lady reading a book. That's my kind of gal! That particular image is designed to advertise the Library's free access to the online Chilton library -- an excellent bonus, compared to a lot of other areas. Car repair and chromed babes go hand-in-hand, and books are sexy, you've got to admit it. For the state with the smallest population and a reputation for a cowboy lifestyle, Wyoming's library system does a good job of making themselves useful, resulting in over 8 items checked out per year per capita (ref). I'm sure this is due to the statewide library-card, allowing cardholders to check out books, anywhere -- including colleges -- with their one card. When a state makes their libraries both sexy and accessible, it's no wonder people use them.

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