Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Bunny Suicides: Stolen, to be Burned

Her son checked out The Book of Bunny Suicides from his school's library, but the mom was not amused. In fact, she's so unamused that she won't return the book to the school under any circumstances, and plans on burning the book. The school has offered her the opportunity to go through the normal book-challenge process, but she'd have to bring the book back (the book would be out of circulation until the decision comes). She's so concerned about the book falling into the hands of another child, she will not return it, and if the school buys another copy, she'll get that one too and destroy it as well. It's sure a good thing that you can't find that stuff on the internet, but don't tell her that: her head might explode. The saddest thing is that, until the book is returned or replaced, the woman's son will not be able to check anything else out of the library. She seems be killing two birds with one stone: what else might her son be able to check out? Knowledge of that sort if awfully scary.
Update: the woman has recanted her threat of book destruction, and claims she said it out of anger. The school, on the other hand, has been inundated with support from people interested in freedom of speech and press, and even one altruistic soul has already bought and delivered a new copy of the book for the school. The school will continue with their challenge-review process, and decide if the un-returned book (and any free ones they get from well-wishers) will remain on the library's shelves. “To accept a book that is in review to be banned, that is talking about suicide?” she said. “A book that’s not good for kids, let’s start giving the school hundreds of them?” She still seems to be missing the core of her problem: the eye of the beholder isn't the weightiest variable.

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