Friday, July 31, 2009

Nude & Tattooed Librarian Calendar

It's that time of year again: racks of calendars are soon to be populated with the 2010s, which brings on the nude fundraiser calendars! Last year, the male friends of the Barre library bared all for a calendar, so you can sure bet there's some library-friendly partial nudity to put on the wall next year, too.

This time, it's statewide: the Texas Library Association is producing a semi-nude calendar of their members. Not only is there the promise of exposed skin, but the calendar specifically focuses on The Tattooed Ladies of the TLA. Unless the skin is inked, you won't be seeing it. The funds raised from the calendar sales ($20 at their online store), go to support the TLA's disaster relief fund. In fact, like Barre, the TLA's last naughty calendar featured the men of Texas libraries. Who knew that PG-13 nudity and libraries went together so well?

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