Thursday, July 23, 2009

Book-Burning In Wisconsin

It hasn't happened yet, but several residents of West Bend are inkling for a literary campfire. The presence of gay-friendly books in the library have citizens up in arms, going so far as to build and enter an anti-gay-book float in the Fourth of July parade. That faction claim the books are "explicitly vulgar, racial and anti-Christian," but the library believes that re-shelving the book based on content, rather than book type or appropriate reading age would be considered censorship. The library has also declined to shelve books that affirm heterosexuality or are written by "ex-gays," which I think would be a reasonable concession, but — given the general tone of those books — it's likely the library is unable to find any books of reliable quality that fit the religious resident's requirements and fulfill the library's purpose of serving the community. Happily, free speech does have some advocacy in the community, which is probably why the library hasn't been forced to rescind their stance as of yet.

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