Monday, July 20, 2009

The Book Seer

The Book Seer thinks it's pretty smart: tell it the last book title you've read, along with the author, and it will let you know some reasonably similar titles to pick for your next foray into literary entertainment. Overall, it does a pretty good job of what it claims to accomplish, and the interface is fun. Don't expect to get recommendations based on recent books, or small-press titles, though: the last few books I've read were new releases, and haven't been in the system long enough for connections to grow. The Book Seer doesn't come up with recommendations on its own; the site is essentially a cool interface to pull data from three book-related websites:, LibraryThing, and BookArmy. The LibraryThing recommendations, at least for the books I queried, were the most thorough and relevant. Amazon's were OK, but fewer relevant ones by my measure. Sadly, I don't think BookArmy gave a single recommendation for anything I entered. Try it out for fun, but I don't think it'll become a need-fulfilling go-to website for book lovers.

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