Sunday, December 23, 2007

Books As Display

We were Christmas shopping this week, and stopped in at Zandbroz, a funky out-of-the-ordinary shoppe here in Fargo (and in Sioux Falls). I believe Zandbroz is the last independent bookstore in Fargo, so between the good books, cool toys, and handmade jewelry, we know we can find good stuff there.
In a jewelry display case, we observed the display on the right -- showing off necklaces are books! It looks like it took quite a bit of work to do all the books; I believe there were five or six. Each page was folded back on itself, so the outer edge touched the inner spine. Then, when the book was laid flat, the pages fan out as seen there, with some nice detail of the text on the page showing on the folded edge. All of the books were old, leatherbound books, which makes me cringe a little to see such fine books bent and creased like this, but visually it's a great use of found objects and art in one.

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