Sunday, February 18, 2007

Tech Support For New Technologies

Ah, whenever new technologies appear, tech support is needed to help those along with the new skills required to operate it. In this case, from some Euro comedy show, a medieval lad calls tech support for help with his new book.

While it's amusing for mocking people's inability to understand the basics of modern computer technology -- "computers are that simple, and you look stupid asking for help" -- it should be taken as a reminder of why books will remain valuable and produced for years to come. Computers aren't as simple as a book. Books are such a simple and easy way to move huge amounts of data, that there's only minimal ways to improve it. The eBook technology brings two big improvements: text search and reduced printing costs. However, it adds the problems of user interface, limited transportation, software compatibilities, and, as the video shows, training to use. Pick up a book, and be glad -- you've got the technological skill to avoid ridicule by tech support.

Monday, February 05, 2007

How to hand-bind a book

There's lots of places online that talk about how to bind a book, but this tutorial from the University of Indiana seems to be the best and most accurate I've seen. While the tutorial produces a rather generic library-quality rebound book, a little ingenuity and a variety of materials, including leather and such, could be used. For more book repair, check out their table of contents.