Wednesday, March 06, 2013

De Nyew Testament In Gullah

Someone over at Reddit found themselves a copy of De Nyew Testament at their used book store:

Just the snippet shown there, you can get one aspect of translation:  it's about context, and not just finding the right word.   One of my "projects" that I've been working on, off-and-on, for two years now is correcting an English translation of a French book that I very much enjoyed but had some trouble reading.  Quite often, the translator just picked the first word in their French-to-English dictionary, resulting in some confusing and somewhat amusing sentences.  And, if there's one book that is constantly and enthusiastically debated over the context in a translation, it's the Bible, so you know some thought went into producing the Gullah version.  If you'd like to see de hole Nyew Testament, you can read the same version pictured online at, or if you can't get there because Reddit is hitting them hard, it's also available here or here


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