Saturday, August 15, 2009

Jacket Blurbs 8-15-09

  • "I think it’s the way the words are printed on every page, the right way up and in just the right order." – Fake Gwyneth Palthrow blog, via.
  • "[I]ndeed, all we need to do is to question the value of literature itself and, abracadabra, we have eliminated the need to teach it." – Carol Jago, on literature in school (pdf in entirety).
  • "I don’t do Facebook, I don’t do Twitter. Maybe I should have." – Cindy Dike, closing NOLA children's book shop after 34 years.
  • "While these words certainly suggest ancient tomes, the term "antiquarian book" actually has a broader meaning, one that is at once simple and difficult to articulate." – Chris Lowenstein, what's an antiquiarian bookseller?
  • "They told us guys don't read, would never read any kind of anthology, and most certainly wouldn't read an anthology about men. Apparently we are all mindless fools." – Tom Matlack, Book Publishing: Death or Rebirth?
  • "This is the tradition we wanted to revive with our edition of The Valley of Fear — presenting something 'good for you' in 'bad for you' garb…" – Publisher Charles Ardai, Sherlock Holmes appears in pulp drag.
  • "I didn't know that a book could be that good. I became a book lover, and a thinker." – Hakim Hopkins, Tioga bookstore community.
  • "I have no idea where he finds the time to read a book blog. I'm just a blogger and I can barely find time to do laundry." – Carolyn Kellogg, on Bill Clinton reading her blog. Via.



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