Friday, August 14, 2009

Archie #1 and Broken Dreams

Some people really love their comics. They become obsessed with the stories, the characters, the writers, the art — I'm sure you've seen pictures of the costumed multitudes from the recent ComiCon. There then comes a time when the comic takes a wrong turn, something isn't quite right, and that obsession begins to crack.

Comic store owner and collector Dave Luebke knows how that feels. He's been an Archie fan for years, but lately he's been a bit dissilusioned about his favorite comic. Archie recently proposed marriage to Veronica, the icy and rude gal-pal, rather than Betty, the cheery blonde girl-next-door who most people thought was a better target for Archie's affections. Fans were shocked — shocked! — that a fictional character could make such a poor decision, and Luebke was in agreement. To show his disappointment, Luebke parted with one of his prized possessions: a rare copy of Archie Comics #1. That comic sold at auction yesterday, for a respectable $38,837, and Luebke made his point. Via.

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