Tuesday, June 09, 2009

Two Books Remembered

Two weekends ago, on the 30th, was a huge rummage sale in the Alerus center in Grand Forks. I didn't buy a lot of books, but I was amused to see two books from my childhood; now I regret not buying them, they were both cheap, but I didn't know what I'd do with them except put them on a shelf. My mom probably has my original copies in the basement somewhere, anyhow.

The cover for The Grizzly, by Annabel and Edgar Johnson, always terrified me as a kid (better picture here). The story is a pretty good suspense novel, for being a youth fiction chapter-book.

Scholastic put this edition of Treasure Island in 1961, with Dom Lupo credited as the illustrator. Lupo falls into that internet cavern, in which his existence is out there (he also did a widely-printed golf book), but wasn't big enough for any fans to dedicate webpages to him in the 200s. As you can tell from those two books, my parents were fans of used books as well.

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