Friday, June 12, 2009

Acquisitions: The Lutefisk Ghetto

The Lutefisk Ghetto, by Art Lee, is still in print (mine is the 10th printing, 1988!), despite being a small press and an obscure title. Since Firefox's spellcheck doesn't understand lutefisk, I better explain: it's a white fish, pickled in lye to make it last longer. When cooked, the lye is drawn out, leaving a jelly-like substance that once was fish. I eat a token amount at Christmas time; Grandpa would eat it for every meal if he could, I'll bet. The book is sub-titled "Life in a Norwegian-American Town," and I suspect it's written in a similar vein to Garrison Keillor's A Prairie Home Companion stories, but with a lot more Norwegian. Wifey is enamored with the self-deprecating Norwegian humor, and buys Ole and Lena books all the time, but I grabbed this both because I love local authors and publishers, but it has personal anecdotes from the area culture.

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