Tuesday, September 09, 2008

Enough to Make a Frog Laugh!

Illustrator Palmer Cox was best known for his Brownie books, but this was one of his lesser-known collections of short poems accompanied by his illustrations. Queer People was a three-volume set of short children's books, consisting of "Wings and Stings," "Claws and Paws," and "Goblins, Giants, Merry Men and Monarchs". Unfortunately, "Wings and Stings" is the only one available, in its entirety, on Google Books. The verse is light and visually-driven, as you might expect from an illustrator, so if the other two books are anything like "Wings and Stings," I'd agree that any one of them could make a frog laugh. This ad appeared in Old Time Agriculture in the Ads, by a book distributed by none other than Cenex.

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