Monday, September 08, 2008

Rowling Wins Copyright Fight

J.K Rowling, creator of the Harry Potter empire, has won her copyright suit against the Harry Potter Lexicon. The Lexicon was a fan-created reference online, but when Steven Vander Ark started the process of publishing a book, Rowling put her foot down. Most argue that the Lexicon is far from a threat, and deserves to exist, if only because it adds to the art. Sadly, copyright is written in stone, even if you've forgiven transgressions or granted permission in the past. I sincerely sympathize with Vander Ark, because I'm sure it's devastating for such a labor of love to be taken away, and I doubt his book is truly a threat to Rowling. The law, however, is pretty firm, unfortunately. Rowling is in her right to decide not to accept fan-created, unauthorized Potter texts in the marketplace and profit from her creations solely. I'm on the fence; while I do think copyright is extended to absurd degrees today, and the courts need to side with 'fair use' more often, artists still need to protect their creations as their own.

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