Thursday, August 14, 2008

Library Patrons In Need

A librarian in Ludington, MI, penned a book about various strange and pitiful library patrons she had encountered while behind the desk, but her literary aspirations have gotten her fired. Painting readers in a bad light is a serious issue to her library, but readers are rarely a problem -- it's the homeless and mentally ill who have nowhere else to go, and end up at the library with its comfy chairs, quiet bathrooms, and unlikeliness of getting arrested. It's serious enough that the ALA addresses the issue, but the problem is mostly homelessness, not the libraries themselves...unless a librarian starts documenting them for her novel. I haven't read the book (or even any excerpts) -- if it's written well, good for her; if it's written humorously, treating people in need as clowns, then I'll have a problem with the book.

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