Sunday, July 20, 2008

The Dust Test

When looking for a partner and lover, there's some things to look for -- Erika Nanes, in particular, needs a guy who can appreciate the used book store. The Dust Test is devised to check if somebody has an affinity for the old bookstores; if one isn't into the old, dusty books and digging through boxes, it's a good sign they won't last long as a partner. It's telling in the kind of activity used-book-shopping is: it's enjoyable as a couple. Sporting things don't require both to participate (especially if seen as a 'guy thing'), organized groups aren't always couples events, but shopping for books is better when you can go, "hey, come look what I found!", much like love for antiquing the wifey and I share.

"The Dust Test" is part of a series at Pop Matters called "Secondhand Wonderland: The World of the Used Book" -- the whole series is a good read if you're a fan of old books and used bookstores.

(the mug can be found at the LA Library Foundation's website)

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