Tuesday, October 11, 2005

Ride the Blookmobile!

The New Publisher Journal is reporting that the Blookers are open for submissions.

What's a Blook, you ask? It's a book whose content was lifted (or inspired) from a blog. It's sponsored by LuLu, who just happens to be the ideal place for a blogger to convert their blog to book. LuLu, you see, is a free print-on-demand service that anyone with the free OpenOffice or StarOffice can create a PDF file and upload their book to the printer. The Blookers are asking for every possible example of this kind of book (LuLu-printed or not) to be sent to them, so they can choose the best.

Submissions are being accepted until next January, so you will have plenty of time to compile your blog into the world's only novel about the trials and tribulations of living with a gassy, belligerent housecat in Okoboji, IA. That is, until that other beliggerent-Okoboji-cat-blog finds out about the Blookers, too.


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