Tuesday, September 01, 2009

Jacket Blurbs 9-1-09

  • "…And great, wet book tears were falling down my face — I think book tears are wetter than normal tears." – editor Susan Hirschmann, on Watership Down and tears (listen here, towards the 47min mark);
  • "By highlighting Wuthering Heights...[she] has introduced Emily Brontë to the Twilight generation." – Wuthering tops charts, thanks to Twilight;
  • "Twelve years of mandatory education, with millions going through sixteen years, and our goal is only to make lifelong readers?" – John Fox, on self-directed gradeschool literature classes;
  • "…readers have this idea that they know you, or want to know you and want to have this personal connection to you, however tenuous…" – Author Dara Horn, on book clubs' impact on sales;
  • "Meanwhile, fans of unicorns, maps, and stilettos had a disappointing year, and perhaps were lost to other genres." –Tim Holman, on fantasy novel cover elements;
  • "they say, 'You don't look like a librarian', and now that I'm a roller derby girl, they say, 'You don't look like a roller derby girl, either.'" – 53-year-old Beth Hollis, roller derby librarian; Via;
  • "…however, getting out of a good book and into their wife's shoes may pose challenges." – Stephen Gertz, on book and shoe collecting parallels;
  • "It is because information has proliferated like Weimar bank notes, with everyone shoveling it into wheelbarrows, till the old economic arrangements have collapsed." – Tom Scocca, on facts in print; Via.

Pseudonymous Bosch at Once Upon A Time, Montrose, CA, 29 Aug 09
(from the Publisher's Weekly email newsletter; sorry, no link)

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