Friday, October 09, 2009

Jacket Blurbs, 10-9-09

  • "And the point of buying a book isn't just to read it. It's to read it multiple times, write in the margins, curl up in bed with it, refer to it on the spur of the moment, have it on the bookshelf when friends come over so it's the source of conversation or shared interest."MDN, via Metafilter
  • The agreement limits consumer choice in out-of-print books about as much as it limits consumer choice in unicorns." – Google's Sergey Brin on their digitizing deals, via
  • "My books are a subject of much discussion. They pour from shelves onto tables, chairs and the floor, and Chaz observes that I haven't read many of them and I never will."Roger Ebert, on owning books.
  • "'If a blogger received enough books,' said Cleland, 'he could open up a used bookstore.' – FTC's Richard Cleland, on disclosure of blogging review copies.
  • "Now, I can guarantee something. As the ability to publish books gets easier, we'll have more 'bad' books than you can shake a stick at." – Hugh McGuire, adding "cloud" to self-publishing to make it more iWeb2.0mbklr
  • "We hope you enjoy it, and, by the way, we hope everything comes out okay for you."Toilet-based marketing, free books touched by other poopers.
  • 'I believe in angels and a divine intervention to write this book,' he said. The book is dedicated to 'the angels who guide us.' – Thomas Ray Crowel, on his book reopening a child's murder case.
  • "At a time when there are other forms that people can buy books in, it becomes more important than ever for the physical book to look really attractive…" – Paul Slovak, Viking, on new books without dustjackets.



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