Monday, December 01, 2008

Bill and Ted's Offset Adventure

Somebody stole Ben Franklin and brought him to the future! where he learns all about modern printing and communications methods that make his paltry "newsletters" and "declarations" seem boring, lame, and expensive to produce. I bet he sure feels insignificant, now that today we can print out hundreds of thousands of "Buy one get the second ½ off" coupons for Burger King in a matter of minutes. I know, Kodak isn't a content producer, but I think a lot of people are on the same page as Kodak and think any message, prettied up by expensive printing methods, is better than ever. In reality, the message is more important than the message, unless the medium is used really well, but that's rarely the truth. The video is one produced by Kodak to lead students and other prospective employees into the printing business:

Getting serious, though, one statistic from the video stands out: an expected 14% growth in bindery jobs. Today, binderies rely heavily on books and magazines for their business, two segments of the print industry that are lamenting their approaching deaths. What are these binders going to be binding? They must know that, even if the editorial end shifts, somebody still has to stitch and glue the spines. As I've said before, the death of publishing isn't going to be an end of publishing, but a death of how publishing companies have been run, $120 dinners and all.

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