Monday, November 17, 2008

Re-Buying Books

This article really struck home for me: it's about when you're out browsing used book shops and find the perfect thing you were looking for…but then you get home and find one already on your bookshelf. Here's some examples from our book-buying outings:

Disclaimer: the Anne Roquelaure is not mine. The Complete Cheerful Cherubs, however, are. When I found A Fortune in the Junk Pile last weekend, I conferred with the Wifey because I thought we had it already. Wifey insisted no, but she'd written about it, so I figured I had some wires crossed with her article. Not a week later, I'm cleaning our office, and on the bottom of a stack of books, there it was. I have no idea when we bought it, or why it was in the office and nobody noticed, but we had certainly owned it for at least six months or more. Nigger by Dick Gregory is one that we've had to deliberately stop buying; we know we've got more than one copy of From The Back of the Bus, so we always assume we're missing the N-word one. Wifey and I have consiously told ourselves no more of those…having a shelf of that title might give people the wrong impression. We're not racist; we have poor memories.

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